I tried an all-inclusive in Tenerife and I tell you if it’s worth it

Tenerife has a lot of all-inclusive hotels where you can spend your holidays. Being completely sincere, I always thought that these types of trips were not for me: my style is much more backpacking and eating a sandwich sitting on any bench in a square, while I wait for the museum or monument that I want to visit inside to open my complicated schedule.


In travel, as in life, rock and roll goes to me. However, despite my natural tendency to wild travel, I am of the opinion that you have to try things before saying that something is not for you, so with these thoughts in my head, I booked five nights all included in the five-star Iberostar Anthelia, located in Costa Adeje.


In addition to telling you my experience and showing you some photos of what I did during my stay, I would like this post to cover some basic points that I asked myself before making the reservation:

  • Are there vegan options in all-inclusive hotels?
  • Is it worth paying for an all-inclusive?
  • And finally, did I get bored during the stay?


The room

bed room in resorts

I arrived at the hotel on a Thursday afternoon and after checking in, I went to my room. Although the distribution did not convince me (the bathroom and the room were in the same room, instead of two separate ones, with the sinks at the entrance of the room and the bathroom and shower in two cubicles with glass door) the Room had everything needed to spend five fantastic days .


Having an all-inclusive plan, the minibar also came in and I had water and a nespresso machine at my disposal.


It also had slippers and a bathrobe, as well as a hairdryer. Something that I loved was the absence of amenities, which you could ask the reception if you needed, but that have been removed from the rooms to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. Bravo!


A vegetarian in an all-inclusive

A vegetarian in an all-inclusive

The hotel buffet is included for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was my favorite place to eat, as there were fresh and well-prepared fruits and vegetables at each meal.


At the first dinner I greeted one of the hotel cooks, Abdón, who kindly showed me the buffet, showing me some dishes that were vegan.


He also thanked me for explaining my preferences, since as far as possible, I could take it into account when preparing the menus. A ten for the buffet kitchen team, how well they fed me during my stay!

In addition to the buffet and to avoid that you saturate yourself with so much repetition eating every day in the same place, since although the dishes vary the “buffet” format can tire; The all-inclusive gave you the option of going to eat at the Canarian restaurant “Barbacoa” , with a more traditional but very rich menu: I tried the potatoes with mojo, the gazpacho, the salad, some desserts … and the truth is that everything was fine .


Obviously being a place with a letter, the options are more limited, but for two or three meals I would say that a vegan can eat without problems .


Finally, when buying an all-inclusive hotel, he gave me two dinners at the paid restaurants, which are not included in any of the accommodation regimes: the Italian Portfofino and another one of meats and fish called Poseidon.


In Italian I ate very well, there were many vegetarian and vegan alternatives and I loved their cuisine in general.


However and unfortunately, at the Poseidon restaurant, I had the worst experience of my stay and being fair, the only bad one. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone and I think I prefer to have dinner at the open buffet a thousand times, where there was even show cooking every night.


Are all-inclusive hotels boring?

Are all-inclusive hotels boring?

The hotel had several swimming pools, heated, salt water and fresh to the taste of each . The water areas were equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas; Towels were also left for you to use between dip and dip.


There were a couple of bars nearby, where you could go peck something between meals (if you were hungry): ice cream, drinks, smoothies, snacks … all within the all-inclusive regime.


In addition to the pools, there was a spa, where you could go to relax and also enjoy the incredible massages and other aesthetic treatments that were available.

If it were not enough with the swimming pools and the proximity to the beach, just ten minutes walk, the hotel has an entertainment team that offers different workshops and activities throughout the day . From gym classes to cooking or beauty workshops, every day I signed up to do something and the truth is that I had a great time.


The same team offered artistic shows during the nights, with the most worked choreographies; In addition to having professional singers and acrobats who took each show to another level.

Some afternoons there was a piano bar session that I didn’t miss for anything in the world, and of course also daytime shows around the pool. Enjoying an outdoor spinning class, watching the Teide, became one of the best moments of the trip … and I also started doing aquabike, pedaling with the bikes in the water.


Being an active person throwing a restless, one of my biggest fears was if I was going to get bored in the hotel … and the truth is that the reality turned out to be quite different, since I had the agenda loaded with activities and things to do continuously.

Of course I didn’t get bored and I recognize that I could have taken it more relaxed but as they say in my town, the goat throws into the bush.


Value for money in an all-inclusive

Value for money in an all-inclusive

This part of the post is the most personal since the perception of the “value” of things is intrinsic to each one.


To give you an idea, each night at the hotel cost me about 200 euros and being honest, I didn’t need to spend money on anything else , since absolutely all my needs were covered.


Taking into account the location of the hotel, the quality of the food, the number of activities I attended, etc. I think the cost is justified, although they are an expensive holiday, comparable to a week in New York for example.


I think that if the purpose of your getaway is to visit the natural wonders of the island of Tenerife, go down the Masca ravines , climb the Teide and give everything in Los Gigantes …. Then maybe this is not the best option available, since you will not be able to enjoy 100% of the pleasures of being pampered.


My opinion is that to rest for about four or five days is a possibility that I would not mind repeating.

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